Texas Fraudulent Transfer Lawyers

Texas Fraudulent Transfer Lawyers enforcing the Fraudulent Transfer act which prohibits debtors from transferring assets to avoid collection of debt.

As Texas Fraudulent Transfer lawyers we frequently sue debtors for the fraudulently transfer of their assets to avoid our clients. We also sue the people to whom they transferred the asset. So now more people can be liable for the original debt. And that’s the real gift a debtor gives our clients. They transfer these assets to a family member, an insider, or a friend for less than value of the asset. But all that does is make their family member or friend a target for us. Potential clients frequently call because they are despondent that the debtor made a transfer of assets. But after we talk they see that the debtor actually did us a great favor. Judgment debtors who resist collections past the point of a judgment frequently begin to feel bullet-proof. A fraudulent transfer is often used by these debtors in a misguided attempt to frustrate the post-judgment process.

As Texas Fraudulent Transfer Lawyers we help clients who are are dealing with debtors who commit fraudulent transfer.

Caveat: The Texas Fraudulent Transfer Statutes are complicated affairs. These pages are meant to explain the law in terms that are as simple as we can make them. Sometimes we have ignored limited exceptions and other quirks in the law so that the general concepts could be conveyed clearly.

Your situation needs to be carefully analyzed. No two situations are identical and you need legal advice before making important decision. Use this website as a guide only.

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